5 Things I Believe About You as a Coach

Sabrina Sourjah
6 min readDec 30, 2020

And how you can use these beliefs to coach yourself

A few months back, I became a coach-in-training at the Adler Graduate Professional School in Toronto. My coaching company is Salmon-Run Coaching. (Please check out the footnote to find out why I chose this name.)

Coaching is a career that thoroughly resonates with who I am and my strengths. I have always been a great listener, and most of my friends have come to me to vent and get validation over the years. I’m also a self-improvement junkie and universal-truth dispenser.

What I learn in coaching classes is essentially what I read outside of work as my nonfiction fix. Several peer coaches and instructors have commended me on my coaching, and I’m determined to work hard every day to become a better person and, thereby, a better coach.

I’ve racked up over 250 hours of free coaching and volunteering as a crisis center responder while holding down a stressful, full-time job. When you want to do something for free for the rest of your life, you know that you’ve landed on your calling, and the money will always follow.

Coaching resonates well with my beliefs about human potential and how life works. I root myself in these beliefs when I coach my clients.

1. Society can take you away from authenticity

I grew up in the thick of many rules, regulations, and conventions as the eldest daughter of a Sri Lankan Muslim family. Even when I was 27 years old, I had a curfew of 11 pm when I went to office parties. The long-term impact of these rules was that I showed symptoms of social anxiety, my networking game was only subpar, and my sense of self took longer than usual to develop.

As someone whose primary value is freedom, I struggled against these conventions, although I know that my parents were doing what they thought was best.

How many people are trapped in bureaucracy because society told them this was the safest choice? How many people forget their first love and settle down in a “respectable” marriage so that their family would not be shamed?

I’m a citizen of the world, and I truly believe that humanity is above caste, creed, religion, or class. I believe…



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