And how to gradually shift to non-appearance compliments instead

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A few years back, one of my co-workers sent me a Ted Talk featuring a woman in her seventies or eighties. After watching it, I texted my co-worker, “OMG! She looks so great for her age!” As soon as I hit Send, I wished I could have taken it back.

Here’s how I set up my “system” for a steady stream of writing assignments

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One of my biggest fears about quitting my corporate role and going freelance was looking for clients. I worried that I would have to keep looking for clients every month or so.

In all my corporate roles, new projects and assignments continuously knocked on my door. …

You don’t want to be liked by every Tom, Dick, & Harry, do you?

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I’m sick of articles telling me how to make people like me or how to know if my peers like me. I’m sick of experts telling me to smile more, listen deeply, maintain eye contact, give a man the best time of his life, and mirror other people’s body language…

Hard work needs one other ingredient to deliver success

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When I started part-time freelancing exactly a year ago, I drove myself to the ground looking for my first client. I looked for clients everywhere, pursued every open writing job, and spent a ton of time reading blogs in my niche.

I could not unwind or take a break. I…

Find your answers before you leave the structures of your corporate role

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2021 was a signature year for me. On January 15, I left my cushiony corporate job and ventured into the entrepreneurial life. I incorporated a business for freelance writing and life coaching.

I had thought a lot about the career change in advance, especially the financial variability I was introducing…

Awareness of your own trauma is key to authentic parenting

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In Pink’s 2021 documentary All I Know So Far, she says that her mother once told her, “I didn’t know that parenting could be so much fun until I saw you do it!” …

Although my freedom-loving self strongly hates all types of structure.

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A few months back, I filed for a joint divorce after fifteen years with my partner that included a three-year marriage. It was a long time coming as the “real” relationship was gone way before the formalities hit the final nail on the coffin.

I initiated the papers and the…

#1 Dress like a “clown.”

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Do I look or sound stupid? Is that a smirk I see on that gentleman’s face? Are people bored listening to me? Does my boss regret letting me present today?

These are some of the thoughts that get me tongue-tied during work presentations. When these thoughts come my way, I…

Step-by-step guide on how I sent 230 cold emails in 3 months

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I found 60% of my current long-term clients through cold emails. Yes, I’m referring to those uncomfortable-to-send, somewhat-salesy emails that you send to strangers. But they have helped me build a sustainable freelance writing business.

Before you think this will be too uncomfortable for you or you don’t want to…

Like answers to all important questions, it really depends.

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One of my close friends, Sarah, recently told me that her brother-in-law has been massaging her on Facebook. Like lovey-dovey messages, right after his wife, Sarah’s sister moved to another country for work.

“This is so weird. How can he do that? Did you tell your sister about this?” …

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