Current and relevant advice for anyone wanting to start freelancing now

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I quit my 9 to 5 job at the beginning of 2021, when my freelance writing started to take off.

But before that, I had to make six mistakes to land my first-ever client.

So, why should you listen to me?

Metaphors, intuition, and your right brain to the rescue

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How do I want to manage the relationship with my older parents going forward?

This was the question that kept coming back to me over and over.

My parents are challenging people to be around, especially my mother. They are the best preachers and give anyone their advice whether asked or not.

They have done a lot for me, especially materially, but they have also given me lots of trauma to make my therapist rich.

I have many seas separating me from them geographically. However, my mother has been recently hinting that she wants to move to my location, perhaps…

But when she wears a hijab, she’s segregating too much

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A few years ago, a friend invited me to her place for lunch. But I had to refuse because I was fasting for Ramadan and only ate after the sun went down around 8 pm in this part of the world.

Her response was, “Oh! I’m so sorry. I forgot because you are not like other Muslims.” She meant this as a compliment because I don’t wear the hijab. Nor am I overly religious.

A compliment that is similar to a guy saying “You’re not like other girls. I like you.” …

Love at first sight can still happen

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Hospitals didn’t allow husbands in the delivery room in 1971 Canada.

One soon-to-be mother, who also happened to be the presiding prime minister’s wife, insisted that she would have the baby at home if her husband couldn’t be with her.

Word got around to the Ottawa Civic Hospital, and the outdated rule was soon abolished. So, when Justin Trudeau was born on Christmas day, his father was by his mother’s side. Common Ground, the 2014 memoir by Justin Trudeau, describes this incident in detail.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the…

And how I found each of these clients so that you can find them too

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First thing’s first. I’m no top writer, and I only earn peanuts from Medium.

So, this post is for writers who are starting off with freelance writing and those who are thinking about getting into freelancing. I’m writing this post to encourage you to make that jump because it can be done.

I resigned from my cushiony corporate job in early January 2021 and invoiced my freelance clients for $4,301 in April. This covered my living expenses, including my mortgage, condo fees, and groceries.

A little bit of background on me. I’m a freelance writer focusing on mental health and…

Only persons of good health and moral character can participate now

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A woman with wavy hair and rosy lips waved to the crowd from center stage. She wore a gold crown with teardrop-shaped blue stones.

All of a sudden, another woman in an off-white, Goddess-like, flowy dress— the woman who crowned the woman with wavy hair and rosy lips a few minutes back — took the microphone and said, “According to Mrs. World rules, you’ll have to be married, not divorced. So, I’m going to take the first step and say that the crown goes to the first-runner up.”

Then she took a step forward, walked to the woman with rosy…

I rarely get a cold anymore, even during Toronto winters

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Sneeze, Cough, and Fever used to visit me at least once a month. It started when I was a teenager and continued well into my adolescence.

Was I immuno-compromised? I didn’t think so.

Was there too much dust at home? Well, other healthy people were living at home too.

Is it because I was a bookworm-kid? There were others like me, but they didn’t get sick as often.

What in the world was wrong with me?

In my late twenties, when I moved to North America, the monthly visits stopped.

So, it was the weather then? The gray…

Even if you think you’re over it

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Unrequited love? Take on a new project. A mother who can’t love? More extracurricular activities. A grandma who was buried before you could get to the funeral? A bottle of whiskey and a copy of Being Mortal by Atul Gawande. An impending divorce? A big change in careers.

This is just a list of how I have dealt with grief in the past.

As someone who loves forward momentum, staying stuck is one of my worst fears. So, I have learned to shrug and move on. To the next thing that will let me grow and “soar.”

I thought I…

How you can avoid my mistakes to land your first client sooner

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This is a COVID-19 fairytale.

In March 2020, when I started working from home due to the Coronavirus, I was delighted to find a few extra hours to start pondering about where I was going in life. The fragility of our existence was becoming clearer to me with this unheard-of pandemic, and the urgency of living my authentic life became even more urgent.

I was that kid who stuck my nose in a book to get away from the bullies or the annoyed parent. So, I always knew I wanted to write full-time, but I also had a sizeable condo…

Here’s a 4-step method you can try instead

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Recently, I unblocked an old crush because I wanted to see how he was doing. Then I messaged him a quick hi and immediately regretted it. I was even more disappointed with myself (not him, but myself) when I did not get a response after a few hours.

I had blocked him in the first place because his erratic texting patterns had shown me that he didn’t really care. No, he had not changed as I had naively hoped. So, what did I do? I blocked him again, of course.

Yes, it was very passive-aggressive. …

Sabrina Sourjah

Freelance Writer for Mental Health, Technology, Relationships, and Women | Adler Coach-in-Traning | For collaborations:

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