Only persons of good health and moral character can participate now

A woman with wavy hair and rosy lips waved to the crowd from center stage. She wore a gold crown with teardrop-shaped blue stones.

All of a sudden, another woman in an off-white, Goddess-like, flowy dress— the woman who crowned the woman with wavy hair and rosy lips a few minutes back — took the microphone and said, “According to Mrs. World rules, you’ll have to be married, not divorced. So, I’m going to take the first step and say that the crown goes to the first-runner up.”

Then she took a step forward, walked to the woman with rosy…

I rarely get a cold anymore, even during Toronto winters

Sneeze, Cough, and Fever used to visit me at least once a month. It started when I was a teenager and continued well into my adolescence.

Was I immuno-compromised? I didn’t think so.

Was there too much dust at home? Well, other healthy people were living at home too.

Is it because I was a bookworm-kid? There were others like me, but they didn’t get sick as often.

What in the world was wrong with me?

In my late twenties, when I moved to North America, the monthly visits stopped.

So, it was the weather then? The gray…

Even if you think you’re over it

Unrequited love? Take on a new project. A mother who can’t love? More extracurricular activities. A grandma who was buried before you could get to the funeral? A bottle of whiskey and a copy of Being Mortal by Atul Gawande. An impending divorce? A big change in careers.

This is just a list of how I have dealt with grief in the past.

As someone who loves forward momentum, staying stuck is one of my worst fears. So, I have learned to shrug and move on. To the next thing that will let me grow and “soar.”

I thought I…

How you can avoid my mistakes to land your first client sooner

This is a COVID-19 fairytale.

In March 2020, when I started working from home due to the Coronavirus, I was delighted to find a few extra hours to start pondering about where I was going in life. The fragility of our existence was becoming clearer to me with this unheard-of pandemic, and the urgency of living my authentic life became even more urgent.

I was that kid who stuck my nose in a book to get away from the bullies or the annoyed parent. So, I always knew I wanted to write full-time, but I also had a sizeable condo…

Here’s a 4-step method you can try instead

Recently, I unblocked an old crush because I wanted to see how he was doing. Then I messaged him a quick hi and immediately regretted it. I was even more disappointed with myself (not him, but myself) when I did not get a response after a few hours.

I had blocked him in the first place because his erratic texting patterns had shown me that he didn’t really care. No, he had not changed as I had naively hoped. So, what did I do? I blocked him again, of course.

Yes, it was very passive-aggressive. …

You never know when you’ll get laid off in today’s pandemic-gripped corporate world

You have read the signs on the corporate wall. You “know” the economy is heading to a crumble with the pandemic. Goodbye emails from corporate leaders pop into your email ever so frequently. Too frequently.

Other teams have already begun downsizing. You know it’s only a matter of time. It is the talk of all your virtual coffee sessions.

But you have done a fairly good job this year. You have a multitude of transferable skills, and your past employer is a Fortune 100. Your boss seems to like you. Will they still lay you off?

These are the questions…

And how to gradually shift to non-appearance compliments instead

A few years back, one of my co-workers sent me a Ted Talk featuring a woman in her seventies or eighties. After watching it, I texted my co-worker, “OMG! She looks so great for her age!” As soon as I hit Send, I wished I could have taken it back.

This was a woman who had stood the test of time with as much grace as any woman can muster. A woman with so much fortitude that can inspire the next two generations of women. And all I could say was how good she looked for her age.

Yes, she…

A quiet exit that is still heartbreaking

My husband called me on an Oregon-gloomy October afternoon in 2017. He rarely calls me at work as he knows that I don’t like to be disturbed. “My work visa was rejected. I need to leave the country within 60 days,” he sounded distraught.

We had just found out a few days prior that his father, who was living back home in Sri Lanka, was diagnosed with cancer and needed urgent surgery.

It was such a conundrum. All my work concerns went out the window and we strategized the next steps.

The Dilemma

He could apply for a visa as my dependent…

A case study on how I created my personal brand through my Why

Like companies have brands, every individual has a brand too. Personal branding is how you promote yourself to the world. This includes your unique combination of skills, experience, and personality traits.

Companies like Nike, Apple, and Amazon have distinct brands that have resonated with the masses. For example, when anyone hears ‘Just do it’, no matter where they are in the world, they know this is Nike. People also attribute a ferocious love of sport and a courageous stance against inequality with Nike.

Ideally, your personal brand should also differentiate you from the herd. But your uniqueness should not trump…

And how you can use these beliefs to coach yourself

A few months back, I became a coach-in-training at the Adler Graduate Professional School in Toronto. My coaching company is Salmon-Run Coaching. (Please check out the footnote to find out why I chose this name.)

Coaching is a career that thoroughly resonates with who I am and my strengths. I have always been a great listener, and most of my friends have come to me to vent and get validation over the years. I’m also a self-improvement junkie and universal-truth dispenser.

What I learn in coaching classes is essentially what…

Sabrina Sourjah

Freelance Writer for Mental Health, Technology, Relationships, and Women | Adler Coach-in-Traning | For collaborations:

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